Tips for new Linux users

So, you want to switch to Linux, but have no idea what's compatible or what you should do first?, then just read the tips below!

1. Use Linux Mint, it is very similar to Windows and is one of the most popular distros with loads of support, for computers from 2012 or older, or with an Intel Celeron/Pentium/Atom use the Xfce edition

2. Always install apps from the distro’s software center if possible, if it isn’t there visit the developers website

3. Install and turn on gufw (Firewall) and also install uBlock Origin (Blocks Adverts and fake pop-ups) from your web browsers add on store (Chrome Webstore/Firefox add-ons) to protect your computer from viruses

4. Not all programs for Windows will work, here are alternatives to common Windows programs,

Google Chrome is already compatible with Linux, but to avoid Google tracking (Log into Google’s My Activity and see just how much they know about you) and for a slightly faster/lighter browser you can install Chromium and turn off Privacy Sandbox in it’s settings instead, the functionality and interface is the same except for backing up to a Google account

Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) > OnlyOffice desktop editors and LibreOffice

Windows Media Player/iTunes > VLC media player

Steam is already compatible, but remember to enable Steam Play for all titles in the settings and check game compatibility on ProtonDB

Minecraft is already compatible

Photoshop > Photopea, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Firefox is already compatible

Microsoft Teams is already compatible

Microsoft Edge is already compatible

Skype is already compatible

Spotify is already compatible, but YouTube with uBlock Origin (Suggested above and blocks adverts) is free-of-charge, for YouTube without adverts on your mobile, install YouTube Vanced with the Vanced Manager on ApkMirror

Discord is already compatible, but it spies on all your messages, so don’t use it for anything sensitive, use the website at instead of the program and for talking to friends use Element/Signal instead

All websites are compatible

For help with any problems, search or ask on Reddit