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A message to Russian citizens

Many innocent Jewish and Jew-supporting Ukrainian citizens are being killed for no reason, because Putin thought it was a good idea to try to take over Ukraine, claiming to “De-militarise” and “De-Nazify” Ukraine, even though Volodymyr Zelensky himself is Jewish! This “special operation”, as Putin and the Kremlin media calls it, has so far included bombing a children's hospital with a 1000lb bomb, completely destroying neighbourhoods, leaving people freezing without electricity, killing over 1,300 Ukrainian troops, killing 73 children and many, many more, this is ridiculous, no Ukrainian citizens want this, this is all for Putin and Putin only, lets fight for Ukraine, SLAVA UKRAINI! (Слава Україні!, Glory to Ukraine!)

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An explosion in a residential apartment block in Mariupol.; width=

A real image from Mariupol, Ukraine

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